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Brittany Wurfel

Brittany  Wurfel
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    Brittany Wurfel isn’t just another name in the realm of real estate; she is the embodiment of vitality, dedication, and unwavering commitment. Hailing from London, Ontario, she carries forward an impressive family legacy that spans over 45 years in the real estate industry. This legacy, built and nurtured by her father, has indelibly marked her approach to her profession.

    Brittany’s connection to the local real estate markets is both deep and personal. Having grown up in the heart of London and later residing in both Strathroy and London’s West End, she possesses an innate understanding of these areas, making her an invaluable asset for anyone seeking to navigate these markets.

    Her academic journey has further enriched her professional life. Brittany proudly holds a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology from the esteemed Western University. This academic pursuit has broadened her horizons and intensified her passion for engaging with diverse individuals, understanding their unique needs, and serving them with empathy and efficiency.

    On the home front, Brittany’s life is filled with love and joy, thanks to her close-knit family. She and her husband, Jordy, are the proud parents of two radiant daughters, Brooklyn and Bailey.

    Notably, Jordy contributes to the family’s legacy of excellence and hard work through his dedicated role at Dale Wurfel Chrysler Dodge Jeep, further cementing the Wurfels’ commitment to serving the community.

    Together, Brittany and Jordy stand as a testament to dedication in professional pursuits and nurturing a loving family.

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