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Meet the Team

Stewart Blair Real Estate Broker / Founding Partner

Stewart Blair hails from the vibrant city of Glasgow, but he is now proud and grateful to consider London, Ontario, as the place he truly belongs to and calls home. Family: Beside him, every step of the way, is his wife, Rebecca. She's been shaping young minds for years as an adept elementary school teacher. Soon, she's poised to embark on a new chapter in her teaching career, transitioning to  South high school level within the Thames Valley District School Board. Together, Stewart and Rebecca have been blessed ...

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Brittany Wurfel Realtor / Founding Partner

Brittany Wurfel isn't just another name in the realm of real estate; she is the embodiment of vitality, dedication, and unwavering commitment. Hailing from London, Ontario, she carries forward an impressive family legacy that spans over 45 years in the real estate industry. This legacy, built and nurtured by her father, has indelibly marked her approach to her profession. Brittany's connection to the local real estate markets is both deep and personal. Having grown up in the heart of London and later residing in bot...

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Jeremy Odland Real Estate Broker / Founding Partner

Jeremy Odland, a native of Calgary, AB, has journeyed through life with a unique blend of passion, dedication, and ambition. His quest for knowledge and personal development led him to the University of Calgary, where he successfully attained his bachelor's degree in Communications. This educational pursuit honed his skills and broadened his perspectives on business communications and human interactions. Though his roots are firmly planted in Calgary, Jeremy's heart found a new place to call home in London. Over ...

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Victoria Rowe Lead Design & Client Care

We are thrilled to have Victoria Rowe on our team as our Client Care Manager, committed to ensuring an elevated experience for our clients. Victoria, also known as Tor, hails from London, Ontario, her hometown where she has strong roots. She is dedicated to providing top-notch service to our clients, ensuring their needs are met with exceptional care and attention. Tor is a true advocate for a remarkable client journey and brings her expertise as the in-house staging consultant at Elevate. She orchestrates the prepa...

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