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Jeremy Odland

Jeremy Odland
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    Jeremy Odland, a native of Calgary, AB, has journeyed through life with a unique blend of passion, dedication, and ambition.

    His quest for knowledge and personal development led him to the University of Calgary, where he successfully attained his bachelor’s degree in Communications. This educational pursuit honed his skills and broadened his perspectives on business communications and human interactions.

    Though his roots are firmly planted in Calgary, Jeremy’s heart found a new place to call home in London. Over the last 15 years, he has embraced the Forest City with open arms. Cherishing its rich heritage, welcoming community, and serene landscapes.


    His wonderful wife, Shannon, is beside him in this life journey. A true Londoner at heart, Shannon was born and raised amidst the charm of this city. Her innate love for children and a keen desire to make a difference in their lives paved her way into the noble teaching profession. She is dedicated to serving the Thames Valley District School Board, touching the lives of countless young minds.

    The bond Jeremy and Shannon share is beautifully reflected in their three children – two lovely daughters and a son, each embodying their parents’ love, values, and aspirations.

    Jeremy’s zest for life is evident in his diverse interests. Whether it’s cherishing moments with his family, exploring the world’s wonders through travelling, or indulging in sports, he does it all with unparalleled enthusiasm.

    Giving Back

    Basketball holds a special place in his heart, a sport he passionately played during his university days. Today, he channels that passion into coaching, nurturing and guiding the youth of London in the game of basketball. Helping foster skills and values of teamwork, dedication, and sportsmanship.

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