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Helpful Tips For Moving Home with Kids

Helpful Tips For Moving Home with Kids

Moving home with kids? It can be a stressful process. Let’s take a look at some ideas that could help.

Start the Conversation Early

Address Their Concerns: For many children, home is their sanctuary. With friends in school or neighbours they’ve grown fond of, a move might feel like leaving behind their world. Encourage open dialogues, create a storyboard of the moving process, or even read books about moving to younger kids. Local libraries, like the London Public Library, often have children’s books addressing moving.

Moving With Kids

Moving With Kids

Involve Them in the Process

Let Them Pack Their Room: Encourage them to sort toys, books, and clothes. Maybe even hold a garage sale, allowing them to keep the proceeds for something special in the new home.

House Hunting: If age-appropriate, involve them in house visits. Afterwards, take them for a treat at a local spot like Covent Garden Market, making the day more enjoyable.

Create a “Moving Day” Kit for Each Child

Essentials and Comfort: Besides essentials, consider adding a local map, highlighting interesting spots in London like the Children’s Museum or Storybook Gardens.

 Hire Professional Movers or Enlist Help

Consider local moving companies known for family moves, such as Brawny Movers. They can help lighten the load and make moving day more efficient.

Keep a Positive Attitude

Highlight the exciting parts of moving. If you’re moving in summer, mention activities at East Park, a local favourite for family fun.

Set Up Kids’ Rooms First

Consider decorating with local themes, perhaps something inspired by London’s Thames River or wall stickers from a local art shop.

Maintain Familiar Routines

Once you’re settled, continue traditions. If Friday was pizza night, find a new local pizzeria – London has many to offer, like Stobie’s Pizza.

Explore the New Neighborhood Together

Join local community events, especially family-friendly ones like those organized by City of London Parks and Recreation.

Seek Out Groups and Activities

Groups like London Moms offer community support, activities, and playdates, making the integration smoother for both you and your children.

Open Communication

Consider setting up a family meeting spot, perhaps at a local park like Victoria Park, where you discuss feelings and experiences, ensuring that everyone has a safe space to share.

In Conclusion

With these detailed steps and utilizing the rich resources that London, Ontario offers, moving with children can become an exciting new chapter rather than daunting. Embrace the new journey and create memories that will be cherished for a lifetime.

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